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Category 7 Cabling

When it comes to finding the right Ethernet Cabling for your smart home or your business, Category 7 Cabling, is one of the most popular solutions. Offering some of the best noise resistance on the market, this cabling option ensures you can enjoy the fastest speeds and most consistent performance.

Titan Cabling is the Best Category 7 Cabling Company . we know how important having the right Ethernet cables are to your property. In this fast-paced, technology-driven world that we live in, having the right Category 7 Cabling in FL, is crucial to ensuring you can maximize the benefits of your devices.

Best Category 7 Cabling Company?

If you are looking to create the latest generation smart home or business premises, then Category 7 Cabling, is a fantastic choice. Offering up 600MHz, it supports high-speed communication speeds of up to ten Gigabit per second. There are many benefits to CAT 7 Cabling, including:

  1. It’s proven
  2. One of the biggest benefits of Category 7 Cabling , is that it is proven. Countless smart homes and properties across the world utilize this solution, so when you opt for CAT 7, you know that you will be able to enjoy a reliable solution that will not let you down.

  3. Stay future proof
  4. Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and smart technology is becoming an increasingly vital part of everyday life. Category 7 Cabling, will help you to ensure that your property stays future-proof by giving you a flexible cabling system that you can expand when you need to. Not only will this guarantee you can enjoy the latest technology as it occurs, without needing to re-wire your property.

  5. Improved results
  6. Another major advantage of using CAT 7 Cabling is that it features a greater copper cross-section compared to its predecessors. This ensures that not only is it easier to work with, but you will also be able to enjoy more power while experiencing less voltage drop.

  7. Increased shielding
  8. Category 7 Cabling, also offers users greater shielding, ensuring that it is less likely to face interference than other cabling options. This is due to individual shielding on every pair combined with an overall shield, ensuring you enjoy the best performance possible.

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Best Category 7 Cabling Company

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