Best Category 6e Cabling Company

Category 6e Cabling

Are you looking for Category 6e Cabling? When it comes to your telecommunication and networking needs, the demand for high performance technology has never been greater. Titan Cabling is the Best Category 6e Cabling Company , we know the processing demands that modern homes and businesses require.

Once the recommendation of data centers only, nowadays Category 6e Cabling, FL, is recommended for most Local Area Networks (LANs). Although CAT 6 Ethernet Cabling has been used for a number of years, Category 6e Cabling, helps provide users an advanced and upgraded cable.

Best Category 6e Cabling Company

While Category 6 (CAT 6) cabling is very common nowadays, Category 6e is considered an upgrade over the standard base. Category 6e Cabling is a globally defined Ethernet cable standard and is the sixth generation of twisted pair cabling, capable of being used across homes and businesses alike.

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Category 6e Cabling, is backward compatible, which means it can be used with the CAT 5 and CAT 5e solutions that preceded it. One of the most significant advantages of Category 6e Cabling, is that it is able to support Gigabit Ethernet data of up to 1 GB per second. 

The wires in CAT 6 are capable of transmitting at a higher frequency, and they tend to use a thicker gauge wire with more twists per inch, helping to reduce the chances of experiencing interference and signal loss. CAT 6e is an augmented specification of this wiring that has been designed to help enhance the experience of users.

Utilizing Category 6e Cabling in your home or business will let you enjoy significantly faster speeds, with the solution doubling the frequency from 250 MHz to 600 MHz. This is a massive advantage for users, and this premium solution of cabling also comes with grounded foil shielding. Typical CAT 6 cabling is capable of reaching 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds when reduced to 50 meters. However, the benefits of Category 6e Cabling in FL, means that it can reach these speeds without needing to reduce the maximum length.

#1 Category 6e Cabling Company

Are you looking to install CAT 6e Cabling in your business or home? These cables can be incredibly complex to install, as they must not be bent too tightly, while the outer jacket has strict lengths that it can be stripped back to.

Titan Cabling is the #1 Category 6e Cabling Company , our highly experienced can help provide expert installation. We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and we can help to add additional shielding where it is needed, ensuring that you will not facing interference or data loss.

So if you want to discover the benefits of Category 6e Cabling, get in touch with one of our expert installers today.

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